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  • Jul 10, 2014
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Highway 407 East

 Two links in Whitby, connecting Highway 407 East to Highway 401

 By 2015 – 4 lane, north-south highway connecting Highway 407 East and Highway 401 inWhitby located just east of Lake Ridge Road

 Interchanges along the link will be located at: Dundas Street & Highway 7

 Interchanges along Highway 407 will be located at Highway 12/Baldwin & Thickson Rd.

 There will also be a north-south link from Highway 407 to Highway 401 in Clarington



Highway 401 Widening

 Environmental assessment and preliminary design study underway.

 Widening of Highway 401 is required to accommodate the projected growth: 12 lanes fromBrock Road to the future West Durham Link and extend the core collector system.

 10 lanes from the future West Durham Link to Courtice Road



GO Transit East Track Expansion

 A Highway 401 crossing east of Thickson   Roadto CP Rail.

 An additional GO station at Thornton and Consumer’s Road on the Whitby-Oshawa border, north of Highway 401

 Oshawa GO Station/Via Rail terminal will become a mobility hub

 Points of connectivity between regional and rapid transit services

 Different modes of transportation come together seamlessly



GO Transit East Rail Maintenance Facility

 Construction underway, estimated completion 2017

 Facility for servicing and repair of GO trains

 Located south of Victoria St. realignment adjacent to CN/ GO rail corridor east and west ofHopkins St.

 600,000 sq. ft. facility and will include:

 18 storage tracks

 electrical substation for power supply to facility and trains

 progressive maintenance bays for train inspection and maintenance

 coach, diesel, paint and wheel shops

 locomotive and train wash buildings

 fuelling station

 staff offices

 300-400 full time jobs



Durham Learning and Business Innovation Park (dLAB)

 dLAB InnovationPark comprises an area of 114 acres betweenThickson Road South inWhitby andThornton Road in Oshawa

 Joint project of Durham College, Trent University, Halloway Developments Limited and the River Oaks Group

Complements DurhamCollege, UOIT and Trent University’s programming

 Companies locating at dLAB will have access to:

 Training facilities and programs

 Research and commercialization facilities

 Academic researchers


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